Areas of Practice

Marshall Taheri Law Group is an A-V rated boutique litigation law firm  that provides legal services in the areas of civil litigation, business and commercial litigation, international business litigation and arbitration,  international criminal defense, legislative and governmental relations, personal injury and wrongful death, securities and investment fraud , taxation, and white collar criminal defense, nationally and internationally.



Corporations, Investors, Professionals, and Families


As a result of our firm's growing number of international clientele, and in conjunction with our international practice, we also have the expertise to represent our corporate and individual clients in complex and routine  immigration matters. We provide comprehensive representation to our clients in all aspects of immigration matters to include NAFTA professionals, treaty investors, treaty traders; people with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business or athletics; members of internationally recognized entertainment groups; and members of other international organizations recognized by the U.S.-international treaties. 

 We provide legal services to U.S., and multi-national corporations, entrepreneurs, professionals to include the fields of medicine (doctors and nurses), energy, technology, and finance, as well as executives, managers, investors, scholars, and families, nationwide and throughout the world.  We have represented corporate and individual clients from many countries before the U.S Department of Homeland Security-Citizenship and Immigration Services, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. embassies and consulates overseas.

We are committed to providing exceptional legal services to our clients, often under complex novel circumstances. We make every effort to provide optimum, ethical and creative solutions to meet each client's objective. We take a direct approach to resolving the ongoing immigration needs of our corporate clients.  We are goal-oriented and strive to provide immediate legal solutions to client's needs, no matter how complex. 

We are fully conversant with current immigration laws and policies.  We have a certain reputation with the government agencies overseeing immigration matters, as well as with the court system.  In most cases  this wealth of experience translates into immediate advice and action for clients, with minimal need  for  extended research.

Further, we represent clients in complex litigation matters before immigration courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), federal district courts, courts of appeal, and the U.S. Supreme Court  in connection with deportation, removal, and exclusion proceedings, as well as nationality issues.

Furthermore, we advise and consult with  our corporate clients regarding compliance with the federal immigration and labor laws affecting employment of foreign nationals, as well as  global immigration issues.

We also represent companies and/or individuals who are accused of immigration fraud.