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International Family Law, Estate Planning, and Probate

International Family Law, Estate Planning, and Probate


Marshall Taheri, an A-V rated attorney with more than 45 years legal experience to include international family law, estate planning, and probate before U.S. and international courts, is a former advocacy judge, and law professor emeritus. Mr. Taheri’s extensive legal experience has enabled him to meet and represent individuals from more than eighty-five (85) countries, thus developing a cultural understanding of many, an important element in family, estate planning, and probate matters, nationally and internationally. He possesses the experience, analytical perspective, strategic courtroom skills, unwavering commitment, and resources to represent his clients with straight forward to complex family matters.

The Marshall Taheri Law Group represents those who are seeking clarification and resolution within their family unit. Our legal experience has afforded us the opportunity to represent clients with pre-nuptial/post nuptial agreements and enforcements, asset protection plans, division of marital estates, post-divorce partition of undivided property, discovery of hidden assets, child support and visitation/enforcement/modifications, defending orders for protection, and grandparents’ rights. Our legal representation includes, but is not limited to, spouses, spouses-to-be, partners, and children who are U.S. citizens, nationals, and domiciliaries of other countries.

International Family Law Matters

Internationally, family law matters are directly influenced by culture, religion, and traditions, whereas, U.S. family law is established at the state legislature level. Therefore, it is imperative to hire attorneys such as the Marshall Taheri Law Group, who possess the knowledge of when and where it is best to pursue a family law matter. Further, with family transition and parties living abroad or in the United States, the international component is significant when addressing a divorce, division of property, spousal support, child custody, child support, and child abduction.

We are highly qualified, compassionate professionals who help our clients through negotiations. As a litigation firm, we are prepared to pursue your legal matters in court. Our experience enables us to connect with other knowledgeable professionals, as needed, to include, but not limited to, investigators, domestically and globally, and attorneys in other countries when collaboration is required. Therefore, a lawyer with knowledge and experience is important, as international complications may arise.

When taking the matrimonial step, some couples seek prenuptial agreements. Laws concerning said agreements vary throughout the world, as well as the perception and enforceability of them. In the event that more than one (1) jurisdiction is involved, our law firm will analyze the laws of the jurisdictions and advise appropriately.

Further, for those of our clients who have had prior marriages and wish to pursue a future marriage, we are in a position to provide advice regarding the proposed jurisdiction of the future marriage when prior divorces occurred in another jurisdiction overseas.

When pursuing a divorce internationally, appropriate jurisdiction must be determined, counsel will address the parties’ real and personal property, spousal support, custody of the children, parental visitation, and child support. Divorce laws vary around the world as well as the practices of divorce courts, hence, local counsel should be obtained and liaison with our firm’s counsel for effective legal representation.

Practice Areas

Our Attorneys

International Child Custody and Protection/Abduction

The Marshall Taheri Law Group understands the sensitive nature of parenting and child relations, hence, with such a perspective, we pursue child custody, protection, and abduction related legal matters, strategically.

When parents live or plan on living in different countries, the parental/child focus is to make arrangements which are in the best interest of the child/children. Therefore, the approach should be both practical and legal. Child custody is determined by the laws of the applicable country and the court. The court will look at (1) the country where the child will be living and whether it is a signatory to The Hague Convention; (2) if the jurisdiction will enforce any existing custody orders; and (3) the effect of the relocation on the current custody of the child(ren). Compliance with the child custody visitation agreement may be an issue in some matters, as the agreed upon dates must be upheld between the parties, otherwise, the issue of wrongful retention of the child(ren) arises.

If a child is abducted from the United States and taken to a foreign country, then counsel must determine the most effective approach to assist his client while focusing on the child or children’s safety. These avenues include, but are not limited to, The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, U.S. State Department, establishing a relationship with local counsel in the foreign jurisdiction, investigations, research, and if need be, preparation and trying the case. The Hague Convention’s goal is to ensure the prompt return of a child/children under the age of 16 to their proper residence if they are wrongly removed from their home, pursuant to the custody agreement. The scope of The Hague Convention is limited to those countries which are signatories to the treaty. In the event that a child or children are in a country which is not a signatory to the treaty, the case becomes more complex.

International Estate Planning and Probate

International estate planning is a focus for those who are foreign nationals and living in the United States, U.S. citizens who reside overseas, and those who have family members abroad. One’s nationality, residence, and immigration status are of importance when determining how one’s assets may be transferred and/or taxed. Additionally, planning objectives focus on compliance in tax reporting, income from foreign assets, distributions from foreign trusts, and gifts from foreign nationals. The application of bi-lateral tax treaties are also considerations in the planning structure.

The process of estate administration is sophisticated. The Marshall Taheri Law Group represents domestic and international beneficiaries, U.S. based personal representatives, executors, and trustees. Our firm’s focus is to protect the financial and property interests of our clients in the probate process. We comprehend the interaction of U.S. and international probate laws and understand the challenges involved.

We are proven advocates for the full legal rights of U.S. citizens and citizens from abroad. To pursue your legal claim, it is important that you seek competent counsel as soon as possible, as the statute of limitations is a short window requiring legal assessment.

We have successfully represented clients through our expertise in litigation, arbitration, and consulting. While building a fine reputation, during our more than 45 years of practice, the Marshall Taheri Law Group has exercised unwavering care and knowledge by addressing the individual, long-term needs of our clientele.